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National PTA Grant Won!

The Highline Council PTSA recently received a $3500 grant from the National PTA to run two STEM Festivals for all Highline students. This is so very exciting!! We're actively working to fill volunteer spots during our STEM Festivals on Feb 21 at Cascade Middle School & February 28 at Pacific Middle School

We'd love student volunteers to help us power the science experiment booths. Would you kindly share this with students and families who might be a good fit for helping with our events? It will be very fun and all instructions and materials will be provided

The booths are designed to be very turn-key! See below for fun videos of experiments planned at our events! 

Upcoming Festivals

Feb 21, 2020

5-8pm at Cascade Middle School, 

11212 Tenth Ave SW 

Seattle, WA 98146

Feb 28, 2020

5-8pm at Pacific Middle School, 

22705 24th Ave S

Des Moines, WA 98198

Special Guest Performance

Detail your services

Detail your services

Detail your services


We're so excited to be able to partner with the Pacific Science Center at each of our events! 

Feb 21, 2020: At 6:30, get ready for the Radical Reactions Show. The radical reactions show is about the physical changes we can observe during a reaction (heat, light, gas, and color change). We’ll look at 4 different combustion reactions which includes handling fire, a trick we call the dragons breath and even one that mimics the reaction of fireworks. And then we look at chemical reactions which cause amazing color changes and even a type of explosion!

Detail your services

Detail your services


There will be unique performances at each of the STEM + Plus Families events from the Pacific Science Center! 

Feb 28, 2020: At 6:30pm the Pacific Science Center will present their stage show "Super Cool". Experiments in this stage show use liquid nitrogen to discuss the states of matter.  We'll pop corks with evaporating LN2. That is similar to the alka-rockets experiment, except that it does not include a chemical reaction.   

Bubbling Lava Lamp

Making your own lava lamp and learn about science too!

Balloon Skewers

Get hands-on with polymers with this cool science experiment.

Cool Coolers

This video shows you how to do a cool colors experiment.

Dancing Raisins

This video will show you how to do the Dancing Raisin experiment.

It's All in the Taste Buds


We can only taste five different true tastes—sweet, sour, salt, bitter and umami. It is smell that lets us experience the complex flavors we associate with our favorite foods. 

It’s Chemical

Blowing up a balloon with baking soda and vinegar involves pouring the baking soda in the balloon, pouring the vinegar in a bottle and stretching the mouth of the balloon over the bottle, dumping the baking soda into the vinegar and releasing carbon dioxide gas. Fill up a balloon using common household ingredients with a demonstration from a science teacher in this free video on science.

Journey Through the Bloodstream


  • Student: Fill two plastic cups halfway with corn syrup. (Adults, help as needed.) 
  • Adult: Add two drops of red food coloring to each cup and stir. This will make your “artificial blood.” 
  • Student: o Place one spoonful of sugar on top of the “blood” in one cup. 
  • Place one spoonful of flour on top of the “blood” in the second cup. 
  • Both: Talk about what you observe. 

Martian Jelly

Use jelly and learn about chemical reactions in this simple science experiment.

Sticky Icky!

Polymer chains and molecules? This Sticky Icky science experiment is just the thing for hands-on science learning.


Science is a blast with this alka-rocket experiment.