Donate to our Senior Scholarship Fund

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our lofty goals! All donations received will help us build our programs and provide scholarships for students in the Highline School District. Our goal is to close the opportunity gap for graduating seniors by providing more financial opportunities. Our fund is getting low, can you help this year?! 

Scholarship winners are selected for their hard-driving multi-faceted dedication to their school, their school work, extra-curricular activities including employment and community, have demonstrated a service mind-set and have financial need. Past winners have had volunteer service that includes starting after-school tutorial programs, volunteering as interpreters, organizing blood drives, leading graffiti removal campaigns, volunteering at food banks and rest homes, coaching younger athletes, serving as student representative on a district bond initiative, leadership in student government, while working part time and maintaining impressive GPAs. We were proud to offer scholarships to help these deserving students achieve their dreams, some of whom had difficult journeys in their life to reach graduation.

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